Our ambitions Ambition three

Supporting Scotland’s economy

We play an important role in enabling a prosperous Scotland because virtually every new house and business requires a public water and waste water service. Scottish Water is also one of Scotland’s largest businesses and employers and supports an extensive supply chain.

We are committed to supporting Scotland’s prosperity by:

  • Providing the infrastructure needed for new development through timely and efficient investment.
  • Protecting the natural environment that so many Scottish businesses rely on.
  • Developing the value of Scotland’s water resources.

Enabling new development

We will continue to work collaboratively with developers, planning authorities and other agencies to gain more clarity on the potential timing and scale of new developments.

We will develop tools such as our Readiness Indicator to inform developers of investment needs and encourage them to build where capacity already exists. We will use mapping and modelling capability, together with Local Development Plans, to prioritise investment in our networks and treatment assets, delivering it just ahead of when it’s needed.

We will take the lead in providing strategic water and waste water infrastructure where it serves more than one development, it is most cost effective to do so, and there is high confidence that the associated development will progress; for example, developments associated with ‘city deals’.

Our plans to work with customers to encourage water efficiency, further reduce leakage, increase network connectivity and take storm water out of our network will all provide additional capacity to support development.

Supporting businesses

Many business customers use water in a similar way to household customers – albeit on a larger scale – and therefore have similar priorities. For some businesses, however, water is a crucial part of their business process, which means the uninterrupted supply of our service is critical for their economic activity and growth. We must ensure that we provide a consistently great service to licensed providers, and that business customers receive a high quality water and sewerage service.

Where businesses require a significant increase in the volume of water supplied to support their expansion plans, we will endeavour to provide this in time for their increased production. Where there is a similar required increase in trade effluent discharges, we will endeavour to accommodate these requirements in line with Scottish Ministers’ principles of charging for water and waste water services.

Rural provision

We will work with the Scottish Government on how we can support their plans for reliable and sustainable rural water and waste water services. Serving rural communities that are not currently connected to the public water and waste water systems presents difficult challenges, often due to the distance from our existing infrastructure, and can be very expensive.

Housing Developments